A downloadable Mind Palace for Windows

The Next Generation immortality software.

The Game :

No interaction with the environment.
Explore any place.
Observe any elements.
Understand the Mind Palace.
Deduce the answers.

A First Person Narrative video game.

Background :

In an anticipated future, AI learning capabilities have evolved tremendously. Afterlife Insurances, a multinational company, offers to its customers, to use this technology advancements in order to get them a second life after death.

For doing so, it conceptualizes a digital program, the Mind Palace, gathering the memories and the personality of the customer before he/she died.

Then an AI is injected into the Mind Palace program, so it learns everything about it's customer, and is able to replace it after it's death, being materialized in an android body.

The AfterLife Insurance advertising.

The Team :

Adrien Carta - Producer

Marion Bossée - Game Designer/Writer

Maxime Aupetit - Game Designer

Bastien Giafferi - Game Programmer

Félix Chamerois - Game Artist

Aymeric Thevenot - Game Artist

Victoria Guillon - Sound Designer -

Florent Chardevel - Sound Designer

Social :

Twitter : @gameMindPalace

Tumblr : http://mindpalacegame.tumblr.com/

Facebook : Mind Palace

Thanks for playing :)

StatusIn development
Release date Jun 29, 2016
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsMind Palace, Herzucco <3
Tagsdeduction, experience, FPS, hitsplaytime, mind-palace, Narrative, questions
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Just launch the MindPalace.exe file and enjoy :)

Wait a few seconds and the game will launch ;)


Mind Palace - Windows 298 MB


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Played this for a random indie game. It's a pretty neat little game, however there was quite a bit I found that I wasn't too keen on. I give a full in-depth, honest review at the end of the video if you're looking for feedback.

A very good game. We enjoyed it very much.

The theme was interesting and the narration was beautiful.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!

is there a way to play on mac?

Try to use "Wine"

Wow. A really really beautiful game with a beatiful theme. That's one of the games that let you make an experience that alters the way of your mind may think about certain things. Thank you for that experience.

A Really great experience to play this game ! some puzzles are hard i really liked it ! i would love to see more of this team!

i got stuck at the reason for living :(

CLAP ! CLAP! CLAP! GREAT GAME! AWESOME! I really enjoyed it.

Finding that one answer was really frustrating while finding the other was a first guess (based on Hacker's "most common passwords") :)

Le concept est excellent et la réalisation est à la hauteur ! Les ambiances sont fortes et fonctionnent très bien.

J'aimerai voir l'idée poussée plus loin. Tout un "puzzle game" basé sur de l'observation et des questions ouvertes. Les seuls exemples qui me viennent en tête ressemblent à "Ouverture Facile", mais Mind Palace apporte quelque chose de vraiment nouveau !

Je pense que vous tenez un concept original et cool, en plus d'avoir su le réaliser avec talent :-)

Félicitations à toute l'équipe !

Hello ! Bravo, votre jeu est superbe !

L'histoire est vraiment prenante et bien inspirée, et l'on s'imprègne bien de l'atmosphère du jeu (notamment la salle du sable :3 )

Juste un peu bloqué pour l'énigme de la culpabilité (qui est plus évidente pour un anglophone je me suis rendu compte ; en français je tournais autour sans vraiment trouver ^^") mais sinon c'était une très belle expérience :)

Merci à vous et bonne continuation pour la suite !


Je suis d'accord. J'ai essayé plusieurs réponses proches de la réponse correcte mais je me suis trouvé coincé - il a fallu que je regarde un let's play.

Hey guys ! I'm from Fireplace (the team that made Oneiros). That's a great experience you created here, congrats!

/!\ Possible spoiler alert /!\

Just to let you know, after answering "yes" to the final question, the subtitles turn to French (while they were in English since the beginning)!

/!\ End of spoilers /!\

Anyway, very good job here!

Hey, a lot of thanks for this feedback !

We are aware of that bug, so we will fix it very soon :)

Pourquoi le jeu est en anglais ? Comment puis-je changer la langue ?

Bonjour ! Il est possible de changer la langue des sous-titres du jeu en faisant "f" + "r" (français) ou "e" + "n" (anglais) avec votre clavier :)

Cependant le reste du jeu reste en anglais.

Merci pour votre réponse. J'ai déjà terminé ce jeu et je crois qu'il est très bon. J'ai eu quelques problèmes avec la chambre à gauche. C'était une idée très intéressante avec le texte en latin ! J'espère que vous continuerez créer les jeux :)

We made a big update today !

We added the real endings (yes, there are actually two endings in Mind Palace :3 ) in the game. You'll finally be able to answer the final question, the big one...

Play it if you want to discover it :D

Great game! Loved the concept of the puzzles, the background, and that level of polish! :)

Hey thanks to you ! We really liked your game too ! The graphics are really good, and the plot is interesting :D